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Theo's article in the December 2022 edition of The Catholic Agitator

So you're like the guy from the TV program Kung Fu, who is always travelling. You ever see that show from the 70s?”  I had not. “Well basically it is David Carradine as a…what do you call those guys…like a monk, and he just travels around town to town helping people all over the place. That’s kind of what you’re doing?” Matt asked sincerely. Matt lives in his truck on the streets of Columbia, Missouri, but comes to St. Francis House most days to get some dinner and take a shower. His cultural reference remains lost on me, I have yet to check out the TV series Kung Fu.  After many months on the road visiting Catholic Workers around the midwest and northeast, maybe I have actually been helpful in some of the places as Matt’s Kung Fu comparison suggested.  I guess I arrived at St. Isidore CW Farm in Wisconsin at a time when they were fretting about having enough firewood for the winter and I left them with a full stack. Pounds of produce and a couple dozen freshly mulched trees could

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